When this story begins, Elizabeth Ann (who is the main character) lives in a medium-sized city, in a medium-sized state, in the middle of this country. She moves to Putney farm. The rest of the story takes place there. There was a lilac bush and apple trees. They had a barn with cows, chicken, cats, a dog, and horses.
Historical Fiction
Betsy (Elizabeth Ann) was 9 years old and turned 10 in the book. She had brown hair and dark eyes. She was a pale, frail, scared, and worried girl. She turned into a brave, strong 10 year old.
Molly was 5 years old and turned 6 in the book. She had blond, curly hair. She was chubby and short. She knew Betsy from the school near the farm.
Aunt Frances raised Betsy in the city. She was worried, pale, and always trying to protect Betsy.
Aunt Abigail helped raise Betsy on the farm.
Cousin Ann was a little bossy to the dog at Putney farm. She was brave, a leader, and a hard worker.
Uncle Henry helped raise Betsy on the farm. Betsy liked to play checkers with him.
Aunt Frances could not take care of Betsy anymore because her mother, Aunt Harriet, had a cough. So she sent her to another place in the city, but then they wouldn’t take her. So she got sent to Putney farm and Aunt Frances was worried since children had to do chores at the farm.
Betsy goes to the farm and is really scared. When she gets to the farm, she gets a cat. She finds out she likes Putney farm and that chores are not so bad after all. Betsy gets strong and brave. Betsy gets to stay.
In the beginning, I felt like the city where she lived was a good place. I thought Aunt Frances treated her nicely. I felt eager to know what would happen when she moved to Putney farm. I felt like she had a better life at Putney farm. I thought it was a good decision that she told Aunt Frances that she liked it there and she wanted to stay. I felt happy that she got to stay.

I gave this book five stars because it was an awesome book. It’s a really good story of how a frail little 9-year-old turns into a big, brave 10-year-old when she goes to Putney farm. There are scary moments, heart-warming moments, happy moments, and proud moments.
“Lydia” age 8

"Understood Betsy" by Dorothy Canfield Fisher