vivaldiThe book tells us about Vivaldi’s life. He was a composer; his job was to write music. He was also a music teacher and a conductor of a special orchestra. This orchestra was in a orphanage in Venice. All the players were girls who were living in the orphanage. They loved to learn music and every week they played Vivaldi’s music in a concert. This was a special event for people who were living in Venice.
Vivaldi was a very good teacher and friend to the girls. They appreciated his beautiful music and above all they loved Vivaldi’s stories and poems that he was telling them to describe his music.
Vivaldi’s music and stories made the girls happy making them dream of things they never saw, because they rarely left the orphanage.
I like this book because it contains the music and the poems of the fours seasons written by Vivaldi.
I listened to the Four Seasons.
Each season is described by different kind of melodies.
I read the poem dedicated to Winter.
In this poem, Winter appears a hard moment for people. The harsh wind, the cold rain and the icy snow seem to fight against people who walk slowly for fear of falling, running, or slipping, always shivering and chattering their teeth. But even in this difficult weather, the poet feels happy, calm and at peace when he sits still near the fireplace listening to the rain and wind.

Winter as all the seasons can bring us joy if we live in harmony with Nature following her rules.
“Liam” age 5 1/2

"Vivaldi's Four Seasons" by A. H. Celenza