For the last 2 weeks in Art, both the Neutrons and Electrons have been working on the concept of perspective in drawings.

During the first period, we discussed how implementing concepts like 1-point perspective and vanishing points can help make drawings look more realistically 3-dimensional. Since I’m not an artist/drawer by nature, I find these things challenging to put immediately into action without step-by-step instructions. So I printed out instructions and we hung them on the door for the students to reference.  

Our first project was “Alien Perspective“, where we drew views of a planet (earth? among-us land? an undiscovered planet?) from the perspective of an alien floating through space. We exaggerated sky scrapers so they appeared to burst all the way into space from their planetary base. Everybody was quite focused on their drawings and really did a great job following the steps and then tweaking to add their own creativity to the mix!

Some students finished that first project in one period, so the second week I brought another. The second was creating an aquarium from the viewpoint of walking through an underwater tunnel. If you are a parent of a Neutron or Electron who was finishing their alien perspective during our second class and didn’t get to this, you can find the steps here. A few students wanted to do it at home.


Weekly Summary: 1-point Perspective Drawing – Electrons and Neutrons – Art