We began this week’s session with a warm-up: I’d printed out the facades of various buildings, and taped them to the bottom of a sheet of tracing paper. The group traced over them in as much detail as they could manage, lifting up the tracing paper (it was only taped on one side) to see their progress. They naturally shared their work; the whole group is so positive and encouraging of one another.

For the main event, we made these cardstock models of houses and apartment buildings. I’d printed out a selection and glued them to cardstock; the kids were in charge of cutting (with scissors, and then, carefully, with a few X-Acto knives) and then taping them together. We discussed a few architectural features (including the A-frame and butterfly roof), and, once constructed, talked about how to place them relative to the available light.

Weekly Summary: Architectural Models – Electrons – Art