The focus of this week’s class was lunges. We talked a bit about form and what muscles are involved (quadriceps and gluts are the main ones but the core along with some calf muscles are also very important! The muons went a little deeper into muscles and names and also did a much longer activity passing different size and weights of balls.

To hopefully wrap up winter (yes, wishful thinking here but we wanted to celebrate the beauty of the season even if we don’t have actual snow…), all groups worked on winter-themed stations and had a lot more fun doing snow angels in standing rather than jumping jacks 😉 They also tried out pretend curling (yes, those lunges!), slalom skiing, ice skating and ice dance, they had vicious pretend snowball fights (this way you can throw with your non-dominant arm and never miss 😉 ), were “warming up” running on the spot or around the tables, rubbing their hands, chopped up some wood, threw up the lovely powder snow we didn’t get a lot of this winter (squat- jump). All groups really worked well and got to choose their final activity. The electrons voted to return to “their tree” in the wood and continued to try and break the top off.

The other 2 groups opted for a relay race in which they had to throw “snowballs” made out of crumpled up paper into a bucket from behind a line. They learned that it is really hard to aim paper that is starting to unfold and that throwing those light balls is more difficult than one thinks even though there was barely a breeze this time.

All classes have signup sheets on which they can request games and activities for the end of class. I have several suggestions but more can be added at any time.

Weekly Summary: Lunges – Muons and Electrons and Neutrons – Gym