For the harvest theme this week, the Neutrons warmed up performing different activities of (pretend) harvesting: Picking apples and pears from high trees (walking on tip toes, stretching overhead), lifting very heavy large pumpkins (squat, raising up slowly against isometric resistance), collecting berries and mushrooms (moving in a squat position), harvesting corn (reaching forward, then “putting the corn in a basket” while reaching to both sides), etc.

Discussed and demonstrated the proper plank and push-up position, then played a harvest sorting game: Students lined up in 2 rows facing each other. Stickers with pumpkins, apples and leaves were dropped on the ground between them and they had to pass the items to each other until the apples were in the green cup at one end, the pumpkins in the orange on at the other and the leaves piled in the middle. They repeated the game twice and tried to surpass their own time. They manage in under one minute and there was a lot of enthusiasm 😉

To finish class, all students were given a sheet for a 30 day catching-throwing challenge. We went over all the activities listed on the sheet. Explained that students can choose to do some activities more than once and skip those where equipment is unavailable to them (e.g. not to attempt the dive catch onto mat unless there truly is a mat or soft surface available). We also agreed that challenge can be completed in less time to be turned in at the next CO-OP meeting the first week in November.

Weekly Summary: plank position/ harvest – Neutrons – Gym