The BOKs program called for planks today and we did find a fallen tree to do planks and pushups on. However, most of the rest of the lesson will have to be done another time as it was just too windy and cold.

So instead we looked for other activities to do in the shelter of the trees. Balancing was a big one and we discussed which trees are easier to balance on and why (some trees had a ridge, others were mossy or had no bark which made them very slippery…). We also did some step-up/taps to the tree to get our hear rates going as well as balancing (tree pose on a tree).

The electrons found a fallen tree that was starting to break in half so tried to break it by jumping on the loose end. Since it was splitting in half quite a long way and was close to the ground, they worked on different ideas to help break it. Before you knew it, everyone was involved trying to help this tree with its decomposition work, even those who had vowed not to take their hands out of their pockets today….

Part of the group (and adults) were bounding on the loose end while the others were putting wedges under the tree and in the emerging crack. There was much excitement about the progress made and everyone was certainly active.

The electrons handed the baton over to the neutrons who started with the other exercises, then continued the work of jumping/bouncing, pushing and wedging…. Most of them opted for a game of red light green light to end the class.

Weekly Summary: plank to full body workout – Electrons and Neutrons – Gym