This week we celebrated the impending return of spring and the power of seeds. We found a quiet spot and read Maybe You Might by Imogen Foxell. The group settled down after a rambunctious indoor day and seemed drawn in by the book.  It was a lovely respite. 

Then we revisited the water cycle by thinking back to the terrariums we created last year. Water is in the soils, evaporates, condenses into clouds, then falls again as rain (or snow). We touched on the important elements seeds need in order to grow… (the right amount of) water, (the right amount of) light, (the right type of) soil. Also when we say “soil” vs when we say “dirt”.

 We regrouped at a table and investigated 3 different seeds: marigold, poppy, and daisy. We noticed how different they all are, and marveled at how such tiny seeds can become full grown plants. The power of seeds! The kids used their nature journals and watercolor pencils to sketch and record the seeds and images of what flowers they will become. Then they each chose two cups, mixed dry potting soil and water, and planted the seeds of their choice. We looked at the back of the seed packet to learn how deep to plant each type, as well as how much sunlight they need to grow.

I hope some of the seeds sprout and the kids can watch their own plants grow! Maybe they’ll transplant them into the ground or into pots for their own patios. 

Weekly Summary: Seeds – Neutrons – Nature Study