What a beautiful day to be outside! It was a bit of a challenge to find a dry spot on the benches for sit-ups but some kids preferred the snow on the ground anyway. Their form was really good, we talked about slow movements rather than using momentum to really get to the core muscles. Both groups rotated through stations of sit-ups, push-ups, a step-up modified jump to the picnic benches and jump rope jumping (yes, it was a favorite despite the boots!). After some kids struggled with timing in the Neutron group, we went to the patio and did several rounds of a circle jump rope game (where someone is in the middle swinging the rope in a circle and the others jump over it).

Both classes completed a push-up, sit-up challenge from the Boks Program with both groups in each class finishing in a tie or very close to it.

We finished out class with a game of freeze tag that left everyone participating anything BUT freezing 😉

Weekly Summary: Sit-ups and fun in the snow – Electrons and Neutrons – Gym