The medium we experimented with this week was yarn. The plan was to ‘color-by-yarn’ and use the yarn to color the sketch or composition we each made. 

Both groups were not shy with their feelings – it was pretty much unanimous that this was NOT the best project I’ve ever brought! The glue made fingers sticky and the yarn didn’t bend right for many, so there was a fair amount of frustration. Many commented it was at least a worthwhile experience, but it was pretty clearly not the groups’ favorite project!

I’m proud of many of the kids that found ways to make the project their own and less frustrating – including changing their sketch to something easier, by adding additional color with markers, or just by knowing when to call it a day and move into free drawing.

In the end, I would say today was a day where we learned to work through frustration, try new things, and know our own limits. Well done, Electrons and Neutrons!



Weekly Summary: Yarn Art – Electrons and Neutrons – Art