Monthly Archives: May 2012

Thermal Conductivity: How to Boil Water in a Paper Cup

So, we thought we would utilize one of the basic inventions of humankind for this experiment.  Fire!  That said, be sure to have some handy dandy adult supervision available when attempting this experiment.  We started by discussing paper, and specifically the temperature at which it burns.  After a quick web search, we determined that temperature […]

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“Magic Puppy: A Forest Charm” by Sue Bentley

PLOT SUMMARY This book is about a magic wolf named Storm who disguised himself as a West Highland Terrier puppy.  He disguised himself as a puppy because his enemies knew what he looked like and where he was, so he sparked magic golden flying stars around himself to disguise his appearance.  There were a group […]

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“The Buddy Files: The Case of the Fire Alarm” by Dori Butler

PLOT SUMMARY This story was about a dog named Buddy, who works at a school.  Buddy used to do detective work, but gave it up and became a dog who tries to be a therapy dog.  He couldn’t stand staying away from detective work for long, so he decided to go back to it.  One […]

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