Name (First Name, Last Initial)
Amelia Z
Book Title
I lost my tooth!
Mo Willems
Graphic Novel
What is the setting of the book?
It is not clear where the story takes place. It is when the squirrel friends meet. (I’m not even sure that is outside).
Who is/are the main character(s)? What are they like?
Zoom Squirrel: he looses a baby tooth.
The other squirrels are: Zip, Zap, Bim, Boom, Wowie, Zowie, Blink, Flink, Zing, Flappy (who is really a bird), Norman, Quiz, Wink, Klink and there is also Research Rodent character.
What is the conflict of the story?
Zoom Squirrel looses his front tooth. He meets his friends and makes the announcement. All his friends freak out and offer help, they make a promise to find it.
What was the conclusion of the book?
At the end Zoom Squirrel finds a missing tooth and looses yet another one.
While reading the book, what were your emotions?
I felt excited while reading this story.
Do you think the book had a moral? If so, what was it?
Not really
Star Rating
Selected Value: 10 (0 min / 10 max)
Why did you give the book this rating?
I really enjoyed this book.
What was your favorite/least favorite part?
My favorite part was the a-corny joke part. This book had a few jokes. Mostly play on words. Very funny!
At the end of the book there were some interesting facts about teeth in the animal world. I learned that the bears, just like humans, have one set of baby teeth, after they loose them adult teeth come in. Bears have a set of 42 teeth.
Would you recommend this book to others? Why?
I think other kids would like the jokes and the animal facts as well.
How much action was in the book?
Selected Value: 2 (0 min / 10 max)
How much drama was in the book?
Selected Value: 4 (0 min / 10 max)
How much humor was in the book?
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How much suspense was in the book?
Selected Value: 3 (0 min / 10 max)
Book Report: I lost my tooth!