Name (First Name, Last Initial)
Marcel Z
Book Title
I survived: the bombing of Pearl Harbor, 1941
Lauren Taships
Historical Fiction
What is the setting of the book?
The place takes place on Oahu, a Hawaiian island. It is December of 1941.
Who is/are the main character(s)? What are they like?
The main character is Danny. He grew up in NYC, with his “Ma”. Back in NYC he was often left to himself because his mom worked a lot to make the ends meet. His best friend is Finn. The two boys get in trouble sometimes.
What is the conflict of the story?
Ma takes Danny away from his world in NYC after his friend Finn’s accident. She believes he will be safer away from the streets of the big city and she takes on a job in a military hospital, she is a nurse.
On December 7th, 1941 America is under attack! Pearl Harbor gets bombed by the Japanese army.
What was the conclusion of the book?
Danny was not sure about his new life in Hawaii. He missed his old home and friends in New York. After the attack he realized his place is with Ma in Hawaii.
While reading the book, what were your emotions?
I was nervous for Danny. He lived through a lot- enemy planes flying over his head, dropping bombs. He wasn’t sure his Ma is even safe.
Do you think the book had a moral? If so, what was it?
I don’t think so.
Star Rating
Selected Value: 8 (0 min / 10 max)
Why did you give the book this rating?
I gave it 8 stars because I am a fan of the I survived book series.
What was your favorite/least favorite part?
My favorite part was when the attack ended. My least favorite part was when Danny was plotting running away from his new home in Hawaii and hopping on a cargo ship to the mainland.
Would you recommend this book to others? Why?
Yes, I’d recommend this book to my friends. It is a suspenseful story that also taught me a lot about the history of the country.
How much action was in the book?
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How much drama was in the book?
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How much humor was in the book?
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How much suspense was in the book?
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Book Report: I survived: the bombing of Pearl Harbor, 1941