Name (First Name, Last Initial)
Ethan K
Book Title
The Curious League of Detectives and Thieves: Egypt’s Fire
Tom Phillips
What is the setting of the book?
The book takes place around New York City, including Manhattan and New Jersey. There is a museum that is one of the most frequent places the characters go to.
Who is/are the main character(s)? What are they like?
John Randel Boarhog is an orphan who lives above the ceiling panels in a bathroom of the museum. He is a young man, and has a locket that is very precious to him. He is resourceful and clever, and has a lot of skills (such as disguising himself).
What is the conflict of the story?
John is arrested, because it looks like his is stealing a famous billion-dollar ruby — “The Egypt’s Fire” — from the museum. He meets the famous inspector Toadius McGee at the crime scene, and they live together while trying to find out who stole the ruby and prove that John is innocent.
What was the conclusion of the book?
They unmasked the Mauve Moth, a famous criminal who was actually one of John and Toadius’s best friends: Polly “Pickles” Cronopolis. Her father had been murdered by Cicadia, another evil insect criminal mastermind, and she was trying to get revenge. In the end, she leapt from the top of the Chrysler building; we think that she died. John is proven innocent, and is fostered by Mr. Van Eyck and his wife Judy (who are the owners of the museum). At the very end, the museum reopens, and John and Toadius see each other. And at the party, they receive a message from Pickles, giving a clue about her next heist!
While reading the book, what were your emotions?
I was excited! I really was interested to see what was next, and there were usually cliffhangers and lots of action. I usually like detective stories because there is always something to wonder about, like “Who was the murderer?”
Do you think the book had a moral? If so, what was it?
This book had no moral, like 90% of the other books we write book reports about. Maybe “Be vigilant!”, or “Always question people, even your friends!”
Star Rating
Selected Value: 7 (0 min / 10 max)
Why did you give the book this rating?
I really liked aspects the book, like the crime scene where John is arrested, because I was waiting to see if he is guilty or if he isn’t guilty.I didn’t really like the part when Polly fell off the Chrysler building, because I liked her character. And then, at the end, it didn’t give me a good sense of how big the party was.
What was your favorite/least favorite part?
My favorite part was when chaos erupted in the Blue Moose Tavern, because there were so many bangs and crashes and then the police came streaming in. It was chaos.My least favorite part was when Polly fell off the Chrysler building.
Would you recommend this book to others? Why?
I would recommend it to those who like adventure and cliffhangers. When you stop at a chapter, you’re excited about what’s going to happen next, and there are lots of twists in the book. I think the largest twist is when Polly is revealed to be the Mauve Moth.
How much action was in the book?
Selected Value: 8 (0 min / 10 max)
How much drama was in the book?
Selected Value: 7 (0 min / 10 max)
How much humor was in the book?
Selected Value: 4 (0 min / 10 max)
How much suspense was in the book?
Selected Value: 9 (0 min / 10 max)
Book Report: The Curious League of Detectives and Thieves: Egypt’s Fire