Name (First Name, Last Initial)
Gloria B
What did you find?
Golden Poison Dart Frog
Where did you find it?
The Shed Aquarium
How did you find it?
I went to the Shed Aquarium . I was looking for the Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. When I came across something more interesting . It was trying to camouflage in the leaves . BUT it was a golden color and was easy to spot .
Use your senses.
I didn’t get to touch it , and I wouldn’t want to . But I saw that it was yellow . And could have been slimy . It was small but not too small . I thought it was cute . Could not hear it make a sound .
What is its role in nature?
I think its role is to help its ecosystem by eating insects and to just complete its life cycle.
Why is it important to you?
So I think its cute but dangerous . It has a toxic covering from the food that it eats making it very poisonous . A tribe in Colombia used them to rub them on their arrows to make them poisonous. I also found out that you can make them spawn in Minecraft. Thats why I like them .
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Naturalist Report: Golden Poison Dart Frog