This week the Neutrons explored the woods and practiced using magnifying glasses and binoculars. Those tools were hits, and the kids did a great job asking for turns and sharing. Proud of them! In the woods we quieted our voices to listen for birds, then finally spotted the one calling to us. We also used a downed log as a bridge over a dry creek, and another downed log as a good vantage point (and stage). The kids shared what they know, which included counting rings on the cut end of a trunk to tell the age of the tree. We also wondered about what animals might be hiding in holes, and why there are red Xs painted on some trees. The most fun of the day might have been finding a stand of milkweed that was in the middle of opening and letting go of the seeds. There was a perfect breeze for us to help the seeds spread so more monarchs can have food next year!

Nature Study: Magnifying Glasses and Binoculars