It encourages girls all around the globe from America to China. It shows all of the positives, not the negatives. It shows joy for all of the sad girls all around the world.
Nonfiction – Narrative/Reference Book
There are no main characters. You are the main character, so you think about doing what is inside of the book. For example, the book talks about being happy and doing what you want so that you can accomplish all of your dreams.
My favorite parts of the book are when it encouraged you to take risks, to make more friends, and make your life bigger every day. It tells you to face your competition and not give up. The book also shows you that you are talented and important in the world. Nothing can compare to you, since you always have something special to share.
I would like to see more traveling advice in the book. I also would have liked to have seen advice about training or caring for animals. I would also suggest a little bit more color in the drawings and illustrations.
This book made me feel happy and encouraged, because it had a lot of good ideas about being interesting and real. It made me feel okay when I lose, because I am actually winning. It made me feel different from all the other kids. I felt like I was going on my own path and I like that.

I gave this five stars because it made be believe that I could do all of the things in the book. I think the book was interesting and unique, because it’s true that any girl can do whatever they want if they try hard. Overall, I loved this book!
“Ani” age 8

"Use Your Girl Power: Nothing Can Hold You Back" by Ashley Rice