For the last gym class this school year, we reviewed what we had done all year. Kids first got to say what they remembered and demonstrate / practice together.

This was the prep for our 100 point challenge (an appendix resource on the boks kids website). We modified a few of the items, like giving more points to crunches and running a certain distance instead of in place but really it could be any items one would like to make up. Kids are diveded into teams. We went through the list together, then the teams have some time to strategize how to get to 100 first. They pick from a list of exercises with different points (e.g. 10 heel raises are worth 2 points while 30 lunges or a minute of plank are worth 6). Everyone in the group has to do the entire exercise for everyone to get the points.

There was a lot of enthusiasm and effort in all groups which was really wonderful to see! The teams who won were often those who stuck with few exercises: Repeating a difficult one with many points several times, then choosing tree pose or heel raises to relax a bit, then pushing again for a high energy one. Maybe we’ll have to think about ways to make it more even in effort / time commitment and reward as those really branching out and doing different exercises didn’t seem to fare as well.

After that, the Electrons and Neutrons chose to play “Red Light Green Light” while the Muons chose Kickball. Everyone had a blast though I learned that next time I should review the rules clearer even if there are no questions. Sadly I was too busy pitching to take any pictures of kickball.


Weekly Summary: 100 Point challenge – Muons and Electrons and Neutrons – Gym