A variety of glaze options were presented to the Muons. The could choose between primary colors or glazes with effects. 

The first half of the Muons already glazed a few weeks ago. This week, the other half finished up. Since most of the pieces were made from red clay, we thought about how that would change the saturation of colors we added on top. Some chose to add a layer of white before adding another glaze. 

We also watched a video of the studio where our pieces get fired. It is a community space so there are many people waiting turns and sharing space. For this reason, it can be tricky to get things fired as quickly as we would like them. It is yet another way clay teaches us patience.

A few pieces will be ready to go home on the last day but most will be brought to Park Days.


Thank you Muons and Parents for this chance to share clay!

Weekly Summary: Glazing Bisked Clay – Muons – Art