This week the Netrons tested their knowledge of baby animal names, and animal group names. They also demonstrated their teamwork and support for each other, a happy by-product. The planned activity was for each Neutron to match the name of the adult animal to what the baby is called (e.g., a baby fox is called a kit); then to match the individual animal to what the group of animals is called (e.g., a group of flamingos is called a flamboyance). Individuals quickly paired up to share their knowledge, then it became a whole group activity with each person contributing. 

Then we offered the Neutrons a chance to decide what a *group* of Neutrons would be called. They came up with their own process of sharing, voting, and determining the name. I present to you, “a pride of Neutrons.” 

Finally, we explained what the workers were doing in the forest as they sprayed throughout the day. Thanks to Vicki to approaching them and inquiring… the workers were spraying an invasive species lesser celandine, which will take over the forest floor if not eradicated. We went on a walk to see if we could find any of these low growing, spreading, yellow flowers with blue poison on them (obviously we cautioned the kids not to get too near, and NEVER to touch the plants). We didn’t find any of the invasive species, but we did see signs of spring in the woods! We will observe over the next few weeks to see how the woods come alive after their winter nap. 

Weekly Summary: Animal names – Neutrons – Gym