What better way to embrace the sunshine than to study shadows today? We started out discussing what we knew about shadows. And low and behold these little smarties knew all the facts I was going to give them. They did a wonderful job, sharing and respecting their friends when others were sharing their thoughts. We then tried a small experiment looking at how shadows change based on the placement of where we placed the object in relation to the sun. Next we took at look what happened when we changed the surface of the where the shadow was displayed. For instance, a shadow lengthens if the Sun strikes at an angle. Then we took a look at how opaque blocks cast different shadows than translucent blocks. We ended with building with blocks. Some quarks traced the shadows the blocks made, some built tall structures, some built whole villages. All of them made interesting discoveries and were eager to show off their finished product. 

Weekly Summary: Shadows – Quarks – STEM