Today we played with bean bags! I love bean bags.

Everyone got a bean bag, and we practiced throwing them to ourselves. Next we switched hands, and then tried catching them on the back of our hand.

We paired up, and the pairs stood facing each other, tossing a bean bag back and forth. If they caught it, they’d step back. If it hit the ground, they stepped forward. A few pairs got really far apart! I also brought a bucket, and we practiced throwing them in from a distance. We also practiced our distance throwing.

We sat in a circle and played Bubble Gum, chanting “Bubble gum, bubble gum, in a dish, how many pieces do you wish?” and passing a bean bag around. Whoever it landed on would pick a number, then we’d continue passing the bean bag around that many times. Whoever it landed on then would sit in the middle of the circle, until there was only one person left.

And finally, we formed a bucket brigade. They lined up, and all the bean bags were brought to the front. The bucket was put in back. They had to hand the bean bags back one by one until the bucket was full. We did a few rounds, first passing them over our heads, then through our legs.

I made the bean bags this week, and I will admit I am not particularly skilled with a sewing machine. So, anyways, several bean bags sprung a leak. Whenever this happened, the entire group would gather around and collect and count and distribute and otherwise manage the beans. They were so delighted! Beans all around! You get a bean, you get a bean!

Weekly Summary: Bean Bags! – Quarks – Gym