Today we pretended to be an animation studio with an imminent deadline. I gave the group 47 frames of animation (almost two seconds) from Disney’s Bambi (1942), with the request that they trace all 47 frames. They distributed the frames, taped up their tracing paper, and got to work, and by the end had all 47 frames dutifully traced out. The final result is attached.

I’d also brought a few more animations (made by exploding the frames of various GIFs), so we were able to produce a few more — these’ll be posted to this weekly summary page on our website. The crew worked hard, and was done sooner than I was prepared for!

I always enjoy the conversation during these sessions. We heard everyone’s feelings about Bambi, and a few plot details were discussed — but really, can you really spoil a movie that’s 81 years old? We talked about all the work that goes into producing an animated film, and how you could possibly enforce consistency among a whole team of animators.

For the record, Bambi consists of 110,000 frames.

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