Last week I tried out a few different movement games on our Quarks, to varying degrees of success.

Lacking hula hoops, we had to instead use a jump rope (tied in a loop) for our first exercise. We all joined hands, then tried (without letting go of one another) to pass the hula hoop (or, in this case, jump rope) all the way around the circle. It wasn’t easy, but they helped one another so well, using their joined hands to lift the rope over their heads.

We played Telephone (passing a message down the line) except spread out, so they had to run or hop or spin to the next person. This was so riddled with (hilarious!) problems that I had to hit the eject button…

We then tried a variation of the game SPUD: they took five steps away from an “it” person and froze. The “it” person then rolled the ball, trying to bump someone’s feet. If you got bumped, you’d go join that person’s “team”. The teams accumulated and grew, until one team was left.

Finally, a classic: Sharks and Minnows. The Minnows had to gather around one adult, and their job was to get to a second adult safely. The Sharks would wait in the middle, at some point yelling “Shark Attack!” and going after the Minnows. Any captured Minnows became Sharks, then we’d go the other way. This was a blast, and took us up to (and past!) the end of class.

Weekly Summary: Movement Games – Quarks – Gym