Our first art class was dedicated to the study of colors. We started with a quick talk about everybody’s favorite color, and then read “Mix it up!” by Hervé Tullet together. Quarks enjoyed this interactive read, there was plenty of chatter and giggles along the way.

Shortly after we proceeded to directed drawing activity, we drew a person wearing a long rain coat and boots holding an umbrella. The umbrella was really the reason for our drawing because it became our color wheel. Each student received a paper plate with three splashes of paint: red, yellow and blue (which we learned are primary colors) and was instructed to create and fill in the blank parts of the umbrella with orange, green, and purple (secondary colors they had to make themselves).

It seemed this creative group of young artists really enjoyed mixing colors and coming up with new shades.

Thank you to Charise for bringing in her best storytelling voice and to Judi for being such an enthusiastic motivator and helper!

Weekly Summary: Color study (primary and secondary colors) – Quarks – Art