The group was given some paper circles, on which they sketched an idea of what to embroider. We discussed how straight lines are straightforward, but curves (which would have to be made up of many small lines) are trickier.

They were given 3″ embroidery hoops with some pre-stretched fabric and a pre-threaded needle. We brought our needles up, then back down (which made our first line) to tie and anchor. From there, it was off to the races! We ran into problems, of course: knots, mostly, and threading needles with tiny eyes. But — thanks in large part to the pair of wonderful adult assists! —obstacles were overcome and they kept on plugging away.

It was a challenge, to be sure, but this is a really capable group. I was really impressed at how they helped one another, and they wound up with some lovely designs.

Weekly Summary: Embroidery – Electrons – Art