This week the Quarks further dabbled into the topic of Autumn leaves . We reviewed why leaves change colors. Then touched on the process of photosynthesis and explored basic leaf parts .

They looked through field guides to identify which colors they would want to showcase on their own watercolor leaf diagram . And to learn the parts of the leaf . 

After they sketched a leaf of their choice on watercolor paper and painted it . They cut and pasted leaf anatomy labels to identify the parts of the leaf on to their own watercolor leaf.

Those who wished to write /draw notes on the topic in their nature journal , also did .

Attached are infographics for further exploration / review at home if parents wish to do so .

This Link takes parents to a cute read aloud that ties all the concepts in along with some SEL . Possible Trigger warning : Traditional schooling references .

The week of the 19th we will be discovering decomposition / composting .

Weekly Summary: Watercolor Leaves / Leaf anatomy & Photosynthesis – Quarks – Nature Study