This week we took our story-telling skills from last week and honed in on natural elements to weave into our stories. We attempted to take a hike, but the trail we chose was a bit wet, to say the least, so we only made it a little ways into the forest. But, we found there was lots of interesting things to discover in a small space. It appears spring may be coming, as things are starting change. We found an abundance insects, flood waters and a few green shoots coming up between the fallen brown leaves. This week we also introduced the concept of a talking stick, which helps us to know who had the speaking floor. Each Neutron was given and opportunity to share their nature story while their peers listened attentively. We were quite impressed with the creativity of the stories and how well they listened to one another. There were even prequels and sequels to the original stories. 

Weekly Summary: Nature Story telling – Neutrons – Nature Study