For our first week of combined Electrons-Muons gym, Jessica and I set the stage with the kids for how we would like to organize gym this year. Each week we will have 2 options: a competitive game and a non-competitive body movement activity. Vicki will lead the competitive game and Jessica will lead the movement activity. We are hopeful this will allow all students to enjoy 45 minutes of movement in their own way.

This week, Jessica and the Electrons warmed up with a group activity called “Flocking.” The clump faces one direction and follows whoever is in front as the movement naturally turns a new person is in front and leads the group. The movement starts to speed up and travel through the field! Ideally it’s all led by nonverbal cues, which was challenging for this group. It was fun and we’ll do it again another time.

Vicki and the Muons warmed up using student suggestions. The group “ran circles around the Electrons” (by literally running around them…but only once), sprinted to some fallen logs and back, and did some martial arts leg stretches. We’ll warm up each week using student suggestions.

For the non-competitive activity, Jessica and her group played “Lanes.” Half the group, a trio, left the bench area with options to stop, go, change speeds and coordinate with the other lanes. We talked about background, foreground and perspective. Each group had a chance to go twice.
For the competitive game, Vicki led a game of pool-noodle-sharks-and-minnows. There was a lot of running, yelling, tagging, and smiling!
Weekly Summary: “Pool Noodle Sharks & Minnows” and “Lanes” – Muons and Electrons – Gym