Quarks Spring 2024 

This week we introduced our unit study of water and the book which we will use to guide our weekly nature study inquiries, titled: “One Well, the Story of Water on Earth” Written by Rochelle Strauss from the Citizenkid series

First, we gathered around the table in the big room and read page 8 and discussed the “One Well” concept – what a well is and how it serves a community as a dependable source for clean water. We also all agreed that all living things need water / water supports life, all of our water is shared, and water moves in cycles. We then headed out for a hike for the remainder of class. Our goal was to observe water in our environment; how it supports life and all the forms it can take.

The weather was perfect for this sensorial introduction and the group thoroughly enjoyed a nice mix of the winter hike experience: the wonder of frost tipped trees, animal tracks, walking on half-frozen puddles, and of course, muddy boots.

Weekly Summary: Quarks – Nature Study