Today was phase two of our mosaic project: grouting. The thinset had hardened up, and the tiles were (for the most part) stuck in place, so today’s job was filling in the cracks. Everyone got a paper cup full of grout (sanded grout, because we had a few large gaps) and worked on smearing it around and filling in all the cavities. Once filled in, they wiped down the front with a wet cloth.

Having finally finished that particular project, we set out on a task put to us by the co-op fair planning committee: make some props for the photo booth! We cut out cardboard into sunglasses, a monocle, hats, and masks. Some of that was decorated with tape, some by wrapping green yarn around. When the figurative bell rang, a few were still unfinished, and I solemnly swore I’d try to finish them before Tuesday. Wish me luck.

Weekly Summary: Grouting & Props – Electrons – Art