This week we used an Urban Water Test Kit from LaMotte. We tested water from the sink in the kitchen and water from the DesPlaines River. There were a number of quick tests we could do. We decided on Oxygen, Phosphates, Nitrogen, Iron, Copper, and hardness. I would place the various testing tablets in and pour the water then the Neutrons were given the opportunity to be our helpers with shaking up and observing what happened to the test tubes. We had a guide to help us determine if their were safe level of each of these elements in the two water samples. As it turns out for our quick tests everything appeared to be safe and pretty consistent between the two. The longer test was to test bacteria levels. That took 48 he to incubate. I’ll attach a picture of the findings. But, upon further inspection we probably should not drink from the river. We will go over the findings this week. But, you are welcome to show your kiddos the results. 

Weekly Summary: Water testing – Neutrons – Nature Study