This week my plan was to attempt to introduce story telling with some games I had at home “Tell Tale,” “Tell me a story,” and “Story Cubes-Harry Potter.” They are all very similar giving kids some prompts through pictures or images and then they have to weave a story together that includes all the images. They seemed to really enjoy it, even if at times they were a little silly or even a bit dark. They all played really well together! The initial groups broke up and formed new groups. One group wanted to do a play based on their images. This inspired the whole group to work together on a play. Each kid was given a card with an image and they had to work together to come up with a cohesive story. There was a lot of problem solving, group negotiations and laughs. Given the dynamics of the group the adults were very impressed with how they all worked together without any arguments. 

My plan was to take this concept and find beauty in nature or items in nature that we could photograph for next week. Then we could start to tell nature stories. They were working so well together, I didn’t want to add anything more in yesterday. But, that’s where we will start next week. 

Weekly Summary: Story telling – Neutrons – Nature Study