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Week 5: Feb 22 – Water and Human Impact / Conservation efforts

Activity: Learn + Share:

We learned that water is precious, it is shared by all living things and sometimes we all need reminders on how to care for this resource. We read a story titled “Goldilocks and the Three Polar Bears” which is altered to shift the focus to environmental awareness and the effects of an oil spill off the coast of Alaska. Then the Quarks worked on creating signs to make a visual reminder of this message. They collaged with printed images of animals and bodies of water, drew their own imagery and wrote messages from the heart on large poster boards. Lastly, we handed out a series of “challenge questions” (below) to think and chat about as we walked through Thatcher woods.

Challenge Card Questions: What signs of human activity do you observe in this natural area?

  1. How does the presence of litter affect the environment and wildlife?
  2. Can you identify any invasive plant or animal species in this area? How do they impact the native ecosystem?
  3. Are there any visible pollution sources nearby, such as factories or vehicle emissions? How might this affect the air and water quality in the area?
  4. Do you notice any changes in the landscape, such as deforestation or urban development? How do these changes affect habitats and biodiversity?
  5. Are there any human-made structures, like roads or buildings, disrupting natural habitats? How do animals adapt to or interact with these structures?
  6. Have you observed any changes in wildlife behavior or populations due to human activity?
  7. How do human recreational activities, such as hiking or camping, impact the natural environment?
  8. Are there any conservation efforts or initiatives in place to mitigate human impacts in this area? How effective do you think these efforts are?
  9. What actions can we take as individuals and as a community to minimize our impact on nature and protect the environment for future generations?

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Weekly Summary: Water Habitats and Human Impact – Quarks – Nature Study