Name (First Name, Last Initial)
Hannah K
Book Title
Heartwood Hotel: A True Home
Kallie George
What is the setting of the book?
Heartwood Hotel is inside a tree within a forest. There is a secret doorknob in the shape of a heart that you can open. Apparently animals really like seedcakes, and it smells a lot like seedcakes.
Who is/are the main character(s)? What are they like?
Mona the mouse is the main character. She found Heartwood Hotel, and now she’s living in it as a maid. She is very nice to Mr. Heartwood, a badger who started Heartwood Hotel.
What is the conflict of the story?
Tilly, a squirrel, is not being very nice to Mona when she becomes a maid. Mona doesn’t know why!
What was the conclusion of the book?
It turns out that Tilly lost her family, and that’s why she’s acting mad. Heartwood Hotel is her only home, and if Mona got to be the maid instead of Tilly then Tilly could be kicked out! In the end, there are two maids: Mona and Tilly.
While reading the book, what were your emotions?
I felt interested when Mona first got into Heartwood Hotel, and I felt happy when they gave her a job as the maid. I felt great at the end of the book, when they could resolve things.
Do you think the book had a moral? If so, what was it?
If someone is angry or rude, they may just be sad.
Star Rating
Selected Value: 7 (0 min / 10 max)
Why did you give the book this rating?
It was just at the Heartwood Hotel; I would have liked to have an adventure somewhere else. But I still enjoyed it, because it was a good story about forgiveness.
What was your favorite/least favorite part?
My favorite part was when they both forgave each other, and there were two maids. I liked how it had a good happy ending.
Would you recommend this book to others? Why?
Yes, I would! Miss Amanda actually recommended it to us. And it was a little bit like Sophie Mouse, which Estelle gave me!
How much action was in the book?
Selected Value: 6 (0 min / 10 max)
How much drama was in the book?
Selected Value: 4 (0 min / 10 max)
How much humor was in the book?
Selected Value: 1 (0 min / 10 max)
How much suspense was in the book?
Selected Value: 7 (0 min / 10 max)
Book Report: Heartwood Hotel: A True Home