Name (First Name, Last Initial)
Hannah K
Book Title
Bob Balaban
What is the setting of the book?
In Thomas’ home and Devil’s Island, but mostly it was on Devil’s Island.
Who is/are the main character(s)? What are they like?
The main characters are McGrowl, who is a golden retriever dog, and his friend Thomas, who is a human child. They can send telepathic messages to each other and McGrowl has x-ray vision, meaning he can see through things. McGrowl is a good dog and Thomas is nice. The main antagonist are Smudge and Bunting, who are both human adults. Violet is Thomas’ friend and is a child. She is friendly and nice. She is not telepathic.
What is the conflict of the story?
Smudge and Bunting are trying to activate a secret volcano that no one knows about except Thomas and McGrowl. The secret volcano is on Devil’s Island. You need a boat to travel to Devil’s Island. Pop and Mammie live in the volcano and Smudge and Bunting disguise themselves as Pop and Mammie. Smudge and Bunting need McGrowl to activate the volcano. McGrowl’s x-ray vision can melt the volcano and all the lava would come out. Thomas and McGrowl are trying to stop Smudge and Bunting from activating the volcano.
What was the conclusion of the book?
McGrowl melts some parts of the volcano with his x-ray vision. Violet, Thomas, and McGrowl find Pop and Mammie and help them out of the volcano before it explodes. The volcano explodes on Smudge and Bunting but no one else gets hurt. Smudge and Bunting turn to ashes.
While reading the book, what were your emotions?
I felt very happy when Smudge and Bunting were defeated and turned to ashes. I was nervous when the volcano was about to explode. I was surprised when Smudge and Bunting disguised themselves as Pop and Mammie.
Do you think the book had a moral? If so, what was it?
No, there was no moral in the story.
Star Rating
Selected Value: 6 (0 min / 10 max)
Why did you give the book this rating?
I felt it was very adventurous and exciting but there were parts that I did not like. Smudge and Bunting did not share their popcorn with each other and fought. I thought focus on your job, which was to explode the volcano. I felt frustrated by their distractions.
What was your favorite/least favorite part?
My favorite part was when Smudge and Bunting were defeated. I enjoyed reading about McGrowl’s super powers, including his telepathy. My least favorite part was when the volcano was about to explode.
Would you recommend this book to others? Why?
I would recommend the book to others. I was very adventurous and I enjoyed reading it. I enjoyed the fantasy aspects of the book. I wished that McGrowl had other super powers, such as super hearing.
How much action was in the book?
Selected Value: 10 (0 min / 10 max)
How much drama was in the book?
Selected Value: 5 (0 min / 10 max)
How much humor was in the book?
Selected Value: 3 (0 min / 10 max)
How much suspense was in the book?
Selected Value: 5 (0 min / 10 max)
Book Report: McGrowl