Writer’s Workshop

Alphabets and Scripts

Last session the Neutrons completed an overview of various alphabets and scripts as writing evolved. We took a look at Cave Paintings, Cuneiform, Hieroglyphics, Ancient Greek, Chinese, and Arabic scripts. Neutrons learned a little history and culture surrounding the script, translated phrases, and even wrote their own messages in the various scripts. This session, we […]

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Electrons Writer’s Workshop

We’ve been looking at poetry and this past week the Electrons took an acronym to use as a restriction on form (i.e. U.S.A. for United States of America). The acronym then becomes the starting point for writing such as this…. Under the umbrella Staying free from rain Always moving to avoid the drops The lines […]

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Mr. Nobody, Circus Skills & The Invisible Ink

Today the Protons explored the primary color blue! After reading “What Color is Your World?”, the chiclren created an oceanic collage out of a variety of blue materials for our mermaid puppet. The children too part in a sensory filled project involving lots of shaving cream, a spattering of food coloring, and a little bit […]

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Digital, Analog, Comic Books, & Espanol

Today was filled with an unusual amount of silliness and play, making it “one of those days” that brings out the creative in everyone and turns those sometimes morning frowns into smiles in the blink of an eye. We had fun learning about “us”. Taking pillow cases, the kids drew outlines of their bodies. This […]

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